NodeXL Pro is the simplest, easiest way to get an insight into connected structures like networks and social media.
If you can make a pie chart, you can now make a network chart with NodeXL Pro that highlights key features of collections of connections in just a few clicks.
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Corporate $749.00 USD / year
Academic, non-profit, and personal $199.00 USD / year
Student $29.00 USD / year
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Compare NodeXL Basic and NodeXL Pro:
NodeXL Basic NodeXL Pro
Manually enter network edges x x
Visualize network graphs x x
Build one-click network summary reports x x
Import from Twitter Limited API x
Import from Twitter Full API x
Import from Facebook fan pages and groups x
Import from GraphML x
Export to GraphML x
Advanced network metrics (centrality) x
Sentiment and content analysis x
Automation x
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